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TA Colours 2

Sunday, 18. January 2015 9:11

1 Kindred Spirits – Paris Plage
2 Watts – Due North
3 Superistic – Take Me Home
4 Raphie Grooves – Because I Can
5 Organik – What Have I Become
6 Letho – BoomBap
7 Caleb Golston – Del Mar Sunset
8 Meriter – Disarmed
9 Jdc – Fique Tranquilo
10 Tgl – When I See You
11 The Aquila – Red Cloud
12 Teezdalien – Truffles
13 Covalente – Ultraviolet
14 Sibren – Mirage
15 Timestretcher – Trance Addict For Real

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Thursday, 22. September 2011 20:40

Just a little heads up!
I’m currently entering the Thrillseekers remix competition for their track The Last Time. I can’t upload it anywhere, because that’s against the rules, but if it doesn’t win, I’ll let you all download it for free on my Soundcloud page and post a link to it here on my website and on my Facebook page! It doesn’t go too far away from the original, but I had really fun making it and I can’t wait to show it to you!

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Inspired by The Prodigy

Wednesday, 1. December 2010 23:36

I heard The Prodigy’s remix of Jay-Z with 99 Problems a couple of days ago, and felt inspired to try to do something a bit different. Breakbeat :)
This is just a loop I’ve been working on for some hours, with randomization at the end.

breakbeat test by tgl

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Saturday, 20. November 2010 11:00

I’ve been away for a while, and so I started to miss the whole music making business and website designing. I planned a new strategy for my site, so it will be A LOT easier to update in the future. I also started on a new track called Reflect, which can be previewed underneath.

Reflect by tgl

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